FEF India Fashion Awards

Awards Winner 2022

FEF India Fashion Awards covers a major ground to inhabit all professions that make the industry whole, to give them a platform that honours their extraordinary work and stands out with their talent. Nonetheless, we star the achieving winners on our winner panel for the audience to get inspired for years.

Mitesh Rajani- Vega- Makeup Artist of
the Year

Mr. Lloyd Bosco - outstanding performance in
Light & Sound

Delnaz Daruwala-Backstage manager of
the Year

Aastha Sidana- special recognition
( film & television)

Prachi Raniwala-fashion writer
of the year

A- list managed by Aman Kulthia Influencer management agency of the year

Abhishek Singh - Mario-
IFA hall of Fame

Vijender Singh -
IFA Stylish Sportsperson

Mr. Robin Raina & Ms. Anchal Jain- Stylish Power Couple Of the year

Ms. Anu Ahuja- Show Direct of
the year

Ms. Anjali Sivaraman- New age Model of the year Ramp- Female

Rabanne Victor- New Age model of the year Ramp- Male

Rabanne Victor- New Age model of the year Ramp- Male

Ms. Amruta Fadnavis- iconic change maker of the year

Ms. Elnaaz Narouzi-IFA Ambassador for

Vartika Singh-new age model of the
year- editorial

Vahbiz Mehta - New Age Show
Director of the Year -1

Lokesh Sharma- New Age Show
Director of the year-2

Karman Kaur Thandi - Stylish
Sportspersons of the Year-2

Taras Taraporvala - Fashion
Photographer of the year

Sasha Jairam - New Age Fashion Photographer of the year

Mohit Rai -
Fashion Stylist of the year

Shimona Nath - New Age Model of the
Year Editorial

Alicia Kaur Uppal - Supermodel
of the Year- Female

Sakshi Sindhwani -
Influential Model of the Year

New age designer of the year- akshat Bansal for Bloni

Robert Naorem -
North East Felicitation

Lubna Adams
IFA- Hall of Fame

Nikhil D. Feat artist- new age talent management agency of the year

Prasad Bidapa -
IFA Hall of fame

Sivaam Pathak -
IFA- Spotlight

Disclaimer - FEF India Fashion Awards has no association with the FDCI India Fashion Awards