FEF India Fashion Awards
In an era where sustainability has become a clarion call, we, at the FEF India Fashion Awards (IFA), are proud to celebrate the rich tapestry of global crafts but also underscore our commitment to sustainable fashion. The FEF IFA Conclave, held with grandeur at the Saint Regis in Mumbai on March 7th and 8th, 2024, marked the launch of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the World Crafts Council (WCC), an occasion that we were honoured to spearhead.

Introduction to the World Crafts Council (WCC)

The World Crafts Council (WCC), a cornerstone in the preservation and promotion of global craftsmanship, was founded by visionaries including Ms. Aileen Osborn Vanderbilt Webb, Ms. Margaret M. Patch, and Smt Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay in 1964. With a mission to empower artisans, celebrate cultural diversity, and contribute to sustainable development, the WCC has been a pivotal force in bringing artisans, crafts, and traditional practices to the forefront of the global stage. As it marks its 60th anniversary, the WCC’s legacy of fostering cultural exchange and elevating the crafts sector in cultural and economic life continues to inspire and resonate across continents.

FEF IFA Conclave

As pioneers in promoting sustainable development within the fashion and lifestyle sectors, the FEF IFA meticulously curated a panel discussion themed ‘Crafts and Sustainability’. This initiative aimed at fostering meaningful dialogue on integrating traditional crafts into the mainstream fashion industry, thereby ensuring environmental stewardship and socio-economic empowerment. We were privileged to have a constellation of distinguished personalities leading this conversation, including Mr. Sa’ad al-Qaddumi (President of WCC-International), Dr. Kevin Murray (Vice-President of WCC-International), Ms. Girija Sudhakaran (Secretary In-Charge and Treasurer of WCC-International), and Dr. Darlie Koshy, whose insights illuminated the path towards a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry.

60 Years of World Crafts- Celebrating a Milestone

Our celebration of the WCC’s 60 years is a testament to the enduring legacy and the pivotal role that crafts play in the cultural and economic tapestry of our societies. The FEF IFA Conclave was a strategic visioning platform where innovative ideas, best practices, and actionable solutions were shared, all aimed at harmonizing the beauty of crafts with the ethos of sustainable fashion.

The presence of WCC-International’s leadership, including President Mr. Sa’ad al-Qaddumi, at our Conclave, was a significant acknowledgement of the crafts sector’s potential in shaping sustainable fashion practices globally. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders, we are committed to advancing the shared goals of promoting crafts, sustainability, and cultural heritage preservation.

One of the highlights of the Conclave was the ‘Launch of 60-years of World Crafts’ book by esteemed members of WCC-International, symbolizing the kick-off of the year-long celebration. The event was graced by the Honourable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais, and witnessed the attendance of prominent figures from the film and celebrity fraternity, thereby amplifying our message of sustainability and crafts promotion to a wider audience.

Our Journey Towards Sustainability

We understand the profound impact that fashion has on our planet and its inhabitants. Our mission aligns with that of the World Crafts Council, founded with the noble aim to empower artisans, celebrate cultural diversity, and contribute to sustainable development by supporting the rich tapestry of global craftsmanship. The WCC has been a beacon of hope and inspiration, working tirelessly to preserve traditional crafts from extinction, fostering cultural exchange, and strengthening the crafts’ status in cultural and economic life globally.

As we look back on the day, we are filled with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose. The FEF India Fashion Awards is more than just a celebration of fashion, it’s a movement towards creating a sustainable future, where traditional crafts and modern design converge in harmony. We are on a journey to redefine the fashion landscape, and we invite you to join us in this transformative endeavour.
Together, let’s weave a future that honours our heritage, respects our planet, and embraces sustainability at its core.

Disclaimer - FEF India Fashion Awards has no association with the FDCI India Fashion Awards