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Fashion industry is a fusion of imaginative abstraction and a harmonious relation of consistent innovation. High-skilled hard work that requires to create such timeless creations must get the recognition it deserves.

About Us

The fashion industry is a fusion of imaginative abstraction and a harmonious relation of consistent innovation. The high-skilled hard work required to create such timeless creations deserves recognition. FEF India Fashion Awards celebrates the vastness of these ethereal creations by honouring them through our platform.

We aim to glorify the versatility and diversity of fashion, embracing the blend of culture and tastemakers. FEF IFA felicitates every individual and acknowledges them for their countless hours dedicated to developing something new and beautiful for the fashion industry.

Every year, our gala ceremony extols various renowned celebrities, designers, brand labels, and fashion enthusiasts. Beyond the glamorous lights, the gala aims to shed light on the hard work embedded in the industry and inspire budding fanatics for the fashion future.

Vagish Pathak is a notable personality in the Indian commerce sector, a pioneer who works relentlessly to uplift the weaker sections of society. He prioritises liberation, radical imagination, and social activism. With a strong vision to help people achieve their maximum potential and a commitment to grow with the success of the aspirants around him, he extends significant support to FEF India Fashion Awards and Fashion Entrepreneur Fund.

Vagish Pathak


Sanjay Nigam is an Indian businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder of FEF India Fashion Awards and Talent Factory. He has been working in the industry for the last two decades, exploring many domains in the fashion and marketing industry as a model, consultant, strategist, and more. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the fashion fraternity, he launched his own ventures to support the fashion community and its members.

Sanjay Nigam


Raj Sarthak Nigam is an ambitious businessman, who aims to achieve diversity and sustainability in his international and embassy-based projects, which represent the Indian story and culture. He is the strategist and co-founder of FEF India Fashion Awards. Currently, he has an established trading company that exports to several countries and is planning to launch his own global skincare brand.

Raj Sarthak Nigam

Co - Founder

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