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What is dystopian?

An unfair society in which there is a lot of suffering, especially an imaginary society in the future, after something apocalyptic has happened.


What makes you think that fashion has foretold the end of the world?
Since the past two years, the globe has been seeing cataclysmic occurrences, and the fashion world has been hijacked by the “Dystopian” style.


The Dystopian phrase appears to have influenced the art and fashion industries, which has taken a futuristic approach to it.

To put it another way, dystopia is a post-apocalyptic imaginary state or society. It is a civilization in which people live in a state of anguish, dehumanization, and dread as a result of a dictatorial government.

It is much simpler to say than to practice to be endlessly enthusiastic about the future. It’s a near-impossible task for tortured artists and creative geniuses, otherwise known as fashion designers. The reason for this is that the end—whether it’s called Doomsday, the Upside Down, the apocalypse, dystopia, or whatever you want to name it—is simply so dripping with possibilities for creative expression. The best ideas are born out of misery, and what could be more unpleasant than a world that has been ruined?

The concept that’s perversely captivated the attention of the most illustrious designers of our time, compelling them to funnel a vision brimming with chaos and destruction into a collection woven with a pessimistic thread of nihilism.

It is impossible to imagine a more apocalyptic time than this one, especially after the past years and months that we have just lived through, during which we have witnessed half of the world burning and the other half drowning, a global pandemic that has claimed the lives of millions, worldwide race riots over social injustices, and an insurrection that has come close to toppling American democracy. Because of the incoming administration, the implementation of global warming initiatives, and the introduction of effective vaccines, there is at long last some glimmer of hope that we will emerge from the other side and into a post-apocalyptic world.

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