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Established since 2019, the FEF India Fashion Awards is dedicated to lift the Indian fashion industry to a new level of success. Our mission is clearly reflected in our events and initiatives, which showcase the innovative ways in how we bring forward the hidden gems of our fashion industry. From creating artworks to establishing own brand, the talent and hard sweat carved behind to amplify one’s talent is remarkably inspiring. By organizing various events such as award shows, fundraisers, social events, and more we aim to present our own artistic wonderland’s history. Our events are full of glamorous lights which shine brighter with the presence of prestigious fashion professionals of our community.

Show Director Night

Here is to making history and to bring out the charms of the fashion industry on this glamorous walk of appreciation for the fashion show directors, who always stood behind and made the best of it. The show was full of fun and reminiscence of hard work that has been represented during the event. It brought the spark and the smile on our show directors that was missing in the glam world, without any doubts there will be many more sparkles and an ode to appreciation for the hard-working artist, designers, and the show directors to present our nation with such proud and passionate creatives who multitask and bring the best of their imagination in the real world.

This is an idea that emerged from the conversations of the need and the possibility of bringing the entire fashion industry together to celebrate and honour the work which has been enhancing the beauty of other industries. The show was a success and what brought about the ember was the entire industry with their constellations and beliefs. Without their presence and love, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve our goals of being honoured to meet and host such masterminds who can bring change in the fashion industry through their stories and make it a better place and a healthy one
FEF India Fashion Awards

Fashion industry is a fusion of imaginative abstraction and a harmonious relation of consistent innovation. High-skilled hard work that requires to create such timeless creations must get the recognition it deserves. FEF India Fashion Awards celebrates the vastness of these ethereal creations by honouring them through our platform. To glorify the versatility and diversity of fashion and the blend of culture and tastemakers, FEF IFA felicitates every individual to thank them for contributing their countless hours and developing something new & beautiful for the fashion industry

Every year the ceremony is hosted in a gala event extolling various renowned celebrities, designers, brand labels and many fashion enthusiasts. The notion of the event is also to enlighten the hard work embedded behind the glamorous lights and encourage budding fanatics for the fashion future

Fashion Entrepreneur Fund

When everything fashion resides purely in your heart, you have a floodlight of ideas and a strong will to experiment and create something empowering, however, the lack of the right amount of funds stops you from living your fashion dreams, this feeling could be disappointing. To overcome this hurdle in your journey, it’s exactly where FEF steps in. The Fashion Entrepreneur Fund is a new footstep in the market to support imminent budding entrepreneurs of the Fashion Industry. Our platform welcomes all the industry members to participate in this initiative with an opportunity to receive funding for their business venture

Furthermore, the program will be a competitive event wherein the dignitary panel members will finalize the potential entrepreneurs who will win their desired funds. Fashion Entrepreneur Fund currently has an established presence in 40+ cities and is growing all over India. Hence, it gives entrepreneurs a countrywide platform to promote their brands and build a loyal customer base through our collaboration

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