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Since its establishment in 2019, the FEF India Fashion Awards has been committed to nurturing and celebrating the vibrant spirit of the Indian fashion industry. Our dedication is evident in the array of events and initiatives we curate, each showcasing the ingenuity and creativity inherent in our fashion landscape. From fostering emerging talents to fostering new brands, we’re inspired by the dedication and passion that goes into honing one’s craft. Through a diverse range of events, including prestigious award ceremonies, impactful fundraisers, and engaging social gatherings, we aim to weave together the rich tapestry of our artistic community. Our events shine with warmth and camaraderie, illuminated by the presence of esteemed fashion professionals.

Show Director Night

Here’s to making history and bringing out the charms of the fashion industry on this glamorous walk of appreciation for the show directors, who always stood behind and brought out the best. The show was filled with fun and reminiscence of the hard work represented during the event. It brought the spark and smiles to our show directors that were missing in the glam world. Undoubtedly, there will be many more sparkles and an ode to appreciation for the hard-working artists, designers, and show directors who proudly present our nation with such passionate and creative works, multitasking to bring their imagination to life.
This idea emerged from conversations about the need and possibility of bringing the entire fashion industry together to celebrate and honour the work that enhances the beauty of other sectors. The show was a success, and what ignited the fire was the entire industry with its constellations and beliefs. Without their presence and support, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve our goals of meeting and hosting such masterminds who can bring change to the fashion industry through their stories, making it a better and healthier place.
FEF India Fashion Awards
The fashion industry is a fusion of imaginative abstraction and a harmonious relationship of consistent innovation. The high-skilled hard work required to create such timeless creations must receive the recognition it deserves. FEF India Fashion Awards celebrates the vastness of these ethereal creations by honouring them through our platform. To glorify the versatility and diversity of fashion and the blend of culture and tastemakers, FEF IFA felicitates every individual to thank them for contributing their countless hours and developing something new and beautiful for the fashion industry.
Every year, the ceremony is hosted as a gala event, extolling various renowned celebrities, designers, brand labels, and many fashion enthusiasts. The notion of the event is also to shed light on the hard work embedded behind the glamorous lights and encourage budding enthusiasts for the future of fashion.

Fashion Entrepreneur Fund

When fashion is your passion, and your heart is brimming with ideas, the desire to experiment and create something empowering is unstoppable. Yet, the lack of adequate resources can be disheartening, hindering your journey to realise your fashion dreams. This is where FEF steps in. As the first-of-its-kind venture studio for fashion, the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund emerges as a beacon of support for budding entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Our platform welcomes all industry members to participate in this initiative, offering an opportunity to secure investment for their business ventures.

Furthermore, the program will be a competitive event, with a panel of esteemed members selecting the most promising entrepreneurs for support. The Fashion Entrepreneur Fund currently boasts a presence in over 40 cities and is expanding rapidly across India. This provides entrepreneurs with a nationwide platform to promote their brands and cultivate a loyal customer base through our collaborative efforts.

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